Monthly Archives: January 2015

Happy Camel in Egypt

A dream trip to Egypt

Ever since the Arab springs, Egypt has gained global notoriety. As an archaeologist, I know Egypt as a place filled with rich history. My husband and I are qualified archaeologists….

Visit London

A Couples retreat in London

Being a parent of four is not an easy task. My husband and I constantly have to struggle with raising our children, a daily battle filled with victories, defeats, disappointments…

United Kingdom

Our Travels in the United Kingdom

The excitement built in my being, creating the feeling that I was going to pop. I looked over at my husband and two best friends and knew this was going…


A Hotel with Fantastic Views of the Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls is on most people‚Äôs to do list. It is a spectacular place, unlike anything else I have experienced. The sheer power of nature is almost overwhelming and…


An unforgettable experience in the UK

Ever since I was a child, my fascination with the UK was intense. As the years went by it grew stronger and stronger. By the time I was in the…


Exploring Bermuda

If you’ve been planning to visit Bermuda, there’s a lot to see and do. Bermuda is a country rich with history that you can feel as you move between every…

Business in Atlanta

Hosting a Business Meeting or Conference in Downtown Atlanta

When you have clients or colleagues located all across the country, the logistics of planning a business meeting can get complicated. Video conferencing isn’t always a good option, especially when…