5 most beautiful villages in the South of France

My best friend and I have been talking about visiting the south of France since we were kids but somehow we never had the right moment. So when our husbands jointly surprised us with four tickets to the south of France, we were absolutely over the moon. We had gone on several trips together but we had never gone on holidays with the men.

Villa south of FrancePhoto courtesy of Quality Villas Ltd

Once we got to France our first stop was St-Remy-De-Provence which is popularly known as the heart of Provence. This little town was absolutely beautiful and rich in history. Not only was it the birth place of Nostradamus but it was also the inspiration for van Gogh’s’ celebrated art piece, the starry night. We spent most of the times walking the streets and eating out in the authentic French cafes and basically enjoying each others company. The town is the sort of quiet and refreshing place that you go to whenever you just need to clear your head and rejuvenate.
We happened to be leaving town on a Wednesday which coincidentally was market day and luckily we had a few hours to spare so we spent it shopping at the market and seeing all the beautiful things that they had to offer before we left.

Switchback road in Southern FrancePhoto Courtesy of CanamPhotos Via Flickr

Next we headed to Usez which is an absolute food paradise for any foodie. It was quiet a nice little town, with old narrow streets filled with boutiques on all sides and the streets all eventually led to the big town square known as the Place aux Herbes. When we visited the Haribo sweet museum I kind of wished we had brought our children along, they would have definitely enjoyed eating all the free sweets and seeing how they are all made.

Another town that we visited was the absolutely beautiful town of Sete. My friend carol and I could not have enough of the beach and we probably spend most of our days lunging in the sun and sipping cold margaritas and enjoying some amazing seafood. When the men got tired of the beach they took a stroll into the town where they spend a few hours in a local bar.

Perpignan, FrancePhoto Courtesy of Natalia Romay Via Flickr

When we visited the small town of Perpignan i feel in love with the architecture. The town had a Spanish feel to it due to its history of being a refugee host during the end of the Spanish war. The architecture was extremely beautiful mostly because it was a blend of French and Spanish architecture. What I loved most about this town was that it gave us a chance to do some shopping. There were a lot of stores in almost every corner and it was absolutely perfect for some retail therapy.

Our last stop was at the romantic town of Collioure. There was something about this town that just made us all feel all excited like teenage kids all over again or maybe it was the fact that it was our last town and we wanted to appreciate the little time we had left on our holiday. The town had an impressive harbor that was especially beautiful as the sun set but what I loved most was the tour of an old castle and old church inside the town.

I am so glad I finally fulfilled my dream of going to the south of France and especially because I spent it with both my best friend and the love of my life. If I had a chance I would definitely go back again and again.