A Carboat Adventure In Switzerland

We had several years back holidayed in St. Blaise in Switzerland with friends and were staying in the area around Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland. One of the most fun and whacky things we did during our holiday was riding in a carboat in Switzerland. It was one of the many memorable things we did in St. Blaise. It is a wonderful lake side village which is a great holiday destination for couples. Quiet, romantic with scenic vistas, great cuisine and wonderful places to stay at – St. Blaise is a couples retreat. Of course be sure to check the weather conditions before you finalize your travel dates.

ready for the carboat race Of course riding in a carboat in Switzerland during our vacation was an unexpected added bonus. Car boats are privately owned and are not available as a regular attraction for tourists. We were lucky to meet an amphibious car boat owner who was attending the 26th Amphibious Car Meet being held at St.Blaise in Neuchatel in Switzerland as part of the St.Blaise 1000th anniversary celebrations that year. An amphibious car (as they are popularly known) are vehicles ranging from vintage cars to military purpose vehicles, that drive well on land and also drive perfectly well on water. Mostly these vehicles consisted of vintage cars like the Amphicar ( a 1960’s German built cabriolet – only approximately 500 are there today and approximately 3000 to 4000 were ever manufactured) to the hobby car built by the french and the World War -2 era military Dukw truck amongst other cars and jeeps that were manufactured to be amphibious. These car boats are all vintage and their owners are passionate collectors and gather at annual meets where they drive their carboats.

As the popular saying goes seeing is believing. If someone had told us that there were actually many types of amphibious cars that were vintage and refurbished by passionate car owners I would have scoffed and joked saying that an amphibious car was the stuff a James Bond movie was made of. However having actually seen them for ourselves, we can say that even just watching so many of them driving across the waters of Lake Neuchatel was a lot of fun. Swiss CarboatsTo see these car boats much less Riding in a carboat in Switzerland was fantastic so if the vacation spot you have chosen also happens to be hosting the annual amphibious car meet don’t hesitate to add a visit to this event into your holiday itinerary as a day trip if you get an opportunity.

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