A dream trip to Egypt

Ever since the Arab springs, Egypt has gained global notoriety. As an archaeologist, I know Egypt as a place filled with rich history. My husband and I are qualified archaeologists. We have traveled to many places for academic purposes in order to study certain artifacts, conduct excavations and know more about certain ancient cultures. The trips were very educational and informative. Unfortunately I had little or no time to pursue certain interests during those trips. It was always work, work and more work. Fortunately my thoughtful husband saw my distress and promised that someday he would take me to an adventure of a lifetime. That day came 2 years ago when he said 5 words that immediately aroused my excitement “We are going to Egypt.” I could not believe it, finally my dream of seeing the land of the pharaohs was going to come true and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

EgyptI fell in love with Egypt during my university days when a tutor gave me an elaborate lesson on Egyptian Mythology and history. I then began to appreciate the historical and archaeological values of Egypt. My husband and I asked John and Theresa, a young married couple who were very fond of Egyptian Mythology, to join us and they agreed. Flights to Egypt were surprisingly affordable, so we booked our tickets and headed for Cairo International airport. We all arrived there at dawn and got into a cab that dropped us at one of the most exotic hotels we have ever seen. A historical paradise named The Mena House Hotel. The four of us booked our accommodation and went to sleep in our rooms. At 8 a.m, my husband and I woke up and enjoyed delicious Egyptian cuisine. John and Theresa joined us later on. We all viewed the amazing pyramids outside the hotel, a truly enlightening experience.

Our first destination was the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. We all took pride in the magnificent ancient tombs and the craftsmanship of the structures. We took multiple pictures of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the various colossal statues. We were intrigued by King Tutankhamens tomb and its historical flair. We then went to Giza and saw the famous Sphinx. This structure always seems small in TV however in real life, it is enormous. It was another representation of the architectural ingenuity of the ancient Egyptians. After visiting the Sphinx, we all went on a camel tour of the Pyramids in Giza. It was a touching and remarkable tour. It was amazing to see that the pyramids sustained minor damages even though they were built thousands of years ago. We then went back to Luxor and saw a snake charmer. It is unbelievable that a human being can carefully tame a deadly reptile without hesitation. We were all scared for the snake charmer however he seemed calm and was in total control of the situation.

Sights of EgyptHunger became a disturbance on our tour so we made our way to a cave restaurant known as Taboula. The food there was absolutely mouth-watering and scrumptious. The scenery was filled with Egyptian locals and a few tourists. Our final destination led us to the Khan el Khalili, a busy marketplace filled with a lot interesting items. I bought several Egyptian Mythology souvenirs and antiques, including a small sculpture of the God Anubis. My husband bought some scarves, an amulet and a few antiques. John and Theresa bought a lot of souvenirs, necklaces and Egyptian musical instruments. It was a once in a lifetime trip that provided us with some really exciting times.

Egypt contains a huge portion of greatness within Africa and that greatness is available for the whole world to see. If you are looking for an amazing tour and an experience that will marvel you, try Egypt and you will definitely have an unforgettable lovely time.