A German Christmas

In many ways, Germany is synonymous with Christmas. Many of out traditions come down from Germany and the Jutland peninsula going way when to the earliest Anglo-Saxon times. And in the UK, it was Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s German husband who introduced the tradition of putting a Christmas tree up inside the home.

And the Germans do Christmas in ways that go back hundreds of years and which are unique. In short, visiting Germany in the run-up to Christmas is a wonderful time to come if you love everything about the festive season and the ice-cold but crisp and clear weather you’re likely to find here at this time of year.

Christmas scene germany  As for where, exactly, to go in the country- well that’s up to you but wherever you go, you will surely find a very traditional German Christmas. Have a look at a good German tourism and city guide to help you decide.

Christmas in Munich is always magical time as the city is wonderfully lit and, in many ways, at its most beautiful in the still and deep cold.

The city is always popular with visiting football fans to watch Bayern Munich at the world famous Allianz Arena, of course, but also TSV 1860 Munich. Bayern are already hot favorites in the Bundesliga betting to win the league yet again – though fans will be more interested in whether the can add another Champions League trophy to the cabinet.

Of course, wherever you go in Germany, you’ll be able to take in a game if that’s your thing. There are fixtures throughout Germany as normal in the Bundesliga during December up to the 20th. But do make note that there’s then a break in play until Saturday 31st January when play resumes.Christmas Market

Perhaps more than any other single aspect of German life when it comes to Christmas, it’s the German Christmas markets that truly embody the spirit of the yuletide season here – and for which the country is most famous.

There are Christmas Markets in all the major towns, so again – check out online city and town guides before you come – or let the most famous Christmas markets in Germany be your guide in deciding where to go. At the market you’ll find many different types of fascinating Christmas foods and decorations. In particular, the markets are renowned for their glass ornaments. These were originally hand-blown glass pieces.

Kiosk german ChristmasAdvent is also much more important in Germany than in most other countries. It forms a big part of the whole celebration of Christmas. Different kinds of Advent calendars are common in German homes. In addition to the traditional card versions used in most other countries, others in Germany are from a wreath of Fir tree branches. These have 24 colorful decorated bags or boxes hanging from them – with a gift in each one.

Christmas trees are also a big deal here at this time of year. The tradition is that the mother of the house decorates the tree in secret as a surprise for the children and the rest f the family.

But they aren’t usually take into the house until Christmas Eve. This is also the main day of the festive season, when families exchange presents – unlike in Britain and the USA where Christmas Day itself takes precedence.

If you love all the traditions and the feel of Christmas – there’s real no better country to visit at this time of year than Germany. It’s kind of where it all began.