A Hotel with Fantastic Views of the Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls is on most people’s to do list. It is a spectacular place, unlike anything else I have experienced. The sheer power of nature is almost overwhelming and the roar of the falls adds to the experience. It is a beautiful wall of water, set in a spectacular landscape.

Knowing that I was only likely to visit the area once I decided to opt for a luxury Niagara Falls hotel. My choice was the Marriott Falls Hotel, which is an AAA Four Star five-star luxury hotel.

My choice was strongly influenced by the fact that the hotel offered views of the falls, and, for me, it was definitely the right choice. Not only could I see the falls from my room I could also enjoy the view while eating breakfast and enjoying a steak in the Terrapin Grille.

Niagara FallsThe sundeck also looks over the falls, so pretty much wherever I was, I could see the fantastic falls. My favourite views were at sunset, and it was a wonderful backdrop for my holiday.

The hotel itself was excellent. Friendly, professional staff that were very attentive helped to make it a special experience. They were especially helpful when I was planning trips out.

When I was not enjoying the local sights and attractions the hotel’s excellent spa facilities kept me happy. It is a quiet hotel that is set a little away from the main tourist area, but was still close enough for me to do everything I wanted.

Naturally, a trip to the falls is a must. Only when you get up close do you truly appreciate the scale of this amazing natural attraction. I went on the Brink of the Falls Journey and the Behind the Falls tours, so was able to get up and personal walking through the tunnels behind the falls. The observation deck offers a unique view, which I really enjoyed.

I think the only tour I did not go on was the helicopter tour. The night tour is definitely a must do.

Naturally, the falls are at the centre of everything in the area, but there are actually quite a few other attractions to enjoy. Dinner in the revolving restaurant atop of the Skylon Tower was an experience I would love to enjoy again one day.

Niagara’s Fury is a 4D experience that shows you in detail how the falls formed. If you fancy something to eat, the Table Rock Food Court is a good option.

I am a bit of a water babe, so tore myself away from the falls for a day to enjoy the Waves Indoor Water Park. There is a lovely spa there, so if you are staying in a hotel without a spa it is a great place to recharge your batteries.

The other event I enjoyed was the Oh Canada Eh? Dinner show. Quiet unlike anything else I had experienced before, and great fun.

All in my entire visit to the falls was a great success. I am glad I chose a luxury hotel and was more than happy with the standard of accommodation for the price I paid.

If you have not been to the Niagara Falls yet my suggestion is that you move it to the top of your list. It really is a fantastic place for a holiday.