After a relatively cold summer in the states. We all decided to head to South America a bit sooner then we had originally planned. A surreal destination, an unforgettable memory–that’s what we found the very first time we encountered the magical wonder associated with magic mountain hotel, chile.

We got a travel agent to book us into the magic mountain hotel in chile. I couldn’t help but be a little distressed since i knew nothing about the town.

But after our arrival my distress was turned into fascination as we beheld the most wonderful magical structure I had ever seen. The hotel is shaped like volcano with water spewing from the top. It has a cable bridge resulting in its front door, and often has a fantastic covering of moss and plant life which makes it look like a hobbit home. What makes the Magic Mountain Hotel truly magical is its location, a very rich forest. We felt so close to nature as we strolled down the man made monkey bridge leading to the hotel. All around us magnificent rainforest moss and huge trees vibrated and glistened with light, creating images that attract photographers and artists from all around the world. Our fascination was turned into awe as soon as we were shown into the exquisitely decorated wooden cabins.

We had the most refreshing time in the hot tubs “made away from huge trunks of trees, dug out, and then filled with warm water perched on a deck overlooking the forest.” A mini golf course is built into the forest itself, making use of the natural world once the obstacles. We had an invigorating experience as we engaged in various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, rafting, and hiking.

That evening we dined surrounded by nature, overlooking the rain forest and huge trees . Magic-Mountain-Hotel-Chile-2Before our imaginations, eyes of light danced and drifted in rainbow hues as we watched the waterfall. The resulting incredible color displays stimulated my appetite to return in a couple of years again. They also inspired an entire variety of paintings created from photographs that we took that day as well as on other visits to your magic mountain.

Later that night when I stood by the window staring into the magical forest. It was truly a magical experience for me. Without a doubt, the Magic mountain hotel is the hotel that inspired me to begin writing HOTELS TO REMEMBER.

Whenever you journey southward, venture down to the south of Chile-and you will find the Magic Mountain Hotel. The hotel is found in the middle of one of Chile’s most incredible forest landscapes. Within the area you can go indulge yourself, hiking in a round of golf, explore the white water rapids, or go skiing. You can end your day relaxing inside the outdoor hot tubs. A night’s stay costs around $170 USD.