A Perfect Adventure in Australia

Australia has been my all-time favorite destination. My husband, my friends and I have been travelling the world and on our trips we have seen very many incredible things but for me, none of the destinations can hold a candle to Australia. I love Australia for so many reasons. I love the food, the landmarks, the adventure and the peace and tranquility I feel whenever I am there. I am actually the one who persuaded my husband and my friends to visit Australia again.

We arrived in Sydney very early in the morning. We were supposed to check into our hotel later that day. This was great for all of us because it meant we had time to plan on what we were going to see before we checked in to the hotel. We went to Starbucks to have some coffee and spend the time coming up with fun ideas for the trip. After going through the many options, we all decided to go to the Sydney Tower since it is 250 meters high; a height my husband who is afraid of height can handle.

Sydney, HarbourWe made a stop at the Sydney Harbor Bridge from which we had a perfect view of the city as well as the opera house which is not far from the bridge. The amazing thing about the Sydney Harbor Bridge is the fact that it is possible to see all the landmarks in Sydney at that point. This is yet another thing I love about the city. The view from the bridge is so picturesque. We took a couple of pictures together and some pictures of the incredible sites for memory sake.

After being on our feet for a while site seeing, it was time for us to get a bite. We ate at a nearby restaurant and headed to the Sydney Aquarium. This was a stop that was a must since my friends are passionate about sea creatures and do not miss a chance to see the different species that different aquariums have in different countries. At the aquarium, we saw several creatures including sharks, eels, fish, lobsters, crocodile and seals. It was incredible to see the sharks swim in the water and eat some fish on their way. I have always been terrified of crocodiles but it was quite interesting to be so close to them. The chills of trepidation added to the excitement.

Opera houseThe next few days were spent touring interesting landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Shopping and engaging in a lot of hiking and other outdoor activities. In a nutshell our trip to Australia was fun and once again, it did not disappoint in any way.