An unforgettable experience in the UK

Ever since I was a child, my fascination with the UK was intense. As the years went by it grew stronger and stronger. By the time I was in the later stage of puberty, I made a personal pledge: when I had enough money, the first thing I will do is book a first class ticket to the UK. Years later, that dream became a reality. My husband and I along with our friends Marissa and Anthony, who were also a married couple, journeyed there

I still remember being highly anxious as we all boarded a plane that was destined for Manchester Airport, England. The anxiety was accompanied by excitement and a bit of skepticism. Serious predicaments that happened in England sometimes made it to the headline spot of our local news channel. Many naysayers had concluded that the pubs in England were filled with drunken locals who chanted racial slurs whilst showing extreme support for the national football team and extreme dislike for the national anthem. A utopia for football hooliganism. As it turns out it was nothing like that,, leave it to network news to over dramatize the real situation.It is a good thing that such criticisms didn’t deter me or change my perception of the UK because I knew there was something special about the place that made it worth visiting.

Warwick Castle    The four of us arrived in Manchester Airport and set way to book for accommodation in one of the Manchester Airport hotels called Cresta Court Hotel. A luxurious architectural masterpiece that offered high quality service and world class accommodation at an affordable rate. After that, we began a sight-seeing venture. Starting with the captivating urban settlements of the city of Manchester. As history fanatics, we all went to see Hadrian’s Wall and Warwick Castle. Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Romans to a protect their colony known as Britannia from the marauding tribes that lived in Scotland. Warwick Castle was the brainchild and creation of the famous warrior-king William the conqueror. We then took pictures of Big Ben and went to see the mysterious Stonehenge, a historical landmark with no official purpose however it is considered to be off great archaeological importance. Stonehenge    Lady fortune smiled at us when a gracious stranger offered us an exciting tour of Stamford Bridge, a stadium that is home to the football giant and my favorite soccer team Chelsea F.C. Our tour guide recommended an exciting theme park called Alton Towers in Staffordshire. We traveled there and enjoyed ourselves. The place consists of various rides and swings including the colossal 14-loop roller-coaster. I still remember a funny moment whereby my husband and Anthony were screaming in fear as the roller-coaster ride paced at high speed. Unfortunately my husband had to rush to the toilet after the ride was over.

Next on our to-do list was to fulfill an exciting clubbing experience. We went to the pulsating and exuberant Storm Nightclub in Leicester Square. The establishment had a tourist-friendly atmosphere and an exhilarating vibe. The Dj kept on playing hit songs from various music genres. Plus the crowd and staff was friendly we ended up making a few friends.

Visiting the Uk was one of the best decisions of our life. We found that the Airport Hotels were convenient, not as expensive as we would have thought, and enabled us to catch a lot of early morning flights as we hopped on to our next destination. My husband and I along with Anthony and Marissa had an unforgettable experience. We will definitely visit the United Kingdom again.