British countryside — the toughest walks

The British countryside might not get as much tourist attention as London or Liverpool, but it is worth every lovely moment you spend there. Living a routine-like city lifestyle can drain us, so an escape to nature is a great way to relax and experience some breath-taking scenery. One could argue that the British countryside provides the greatest variety of landscapes, from fields to mountains, rocky beaches and Lakeland areas.

Some people tend to take holidays to relax and warm up in the Spanish sun, but many enjoy active escapes to the countryside. Every hike is a magical adventure, with its own distinctive hurdles and joys.

A love of hiking has brought us to fascinating places and intriguing sceneries. The landscapes of Scottish Highlands and the roughness of the Pennines can inspire you physically and emotionally.

The preparation for these trips is often an adventure on its own. It is always difficult to tell what weather conditions we will hit once we arrive at the destination or if we are climbing enough above sea level to expect sudden weather changes. Key preparation means having the right walking boots as, once on the rocky slope, it can be too late to turn back! Hiking clothing doesn’t always mean giant wind proof suits though, and often, for easier hikes, we will just layer up appropriately. This helped us to be prepared for the different weather conditions once we hit the slopes.

A few of the most challenging landscapes which have been successfully conquered by many tough hikers are Tryfan in Snowdonia, Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands and a full 84-mile stretch of Hadrian’s Wall across Northern England. Read on to find out more about each route:

Hadrians WallHadrian’s Wall

One of the easiest walks is the Hadrian’s Wall path, which stretches 84 miles across Northern England. The terrain is not too challenging, although you might need licenses to cross certain areas. The length of the path can be shortened, so you can chose to complete certain sections. However, if you are looking for a more advanced adventure, we would recommend walking the full stretch of this path.


Tryfan in Snowdonia has one of the more challenging peaks, yet it doesn’t require much professional training. On the north ridge route, it’s worth noting that the razor sharp rocks are far less scary once you start climbing them. A feeling of victory hits you once you reach the summit, where the scenery is so breath-taking, you might want to have a hot cup of tea up there as you watch the sunset.

Wester RossWester Ross

The most challenging, beautiful and adventurous of them all is Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands. Wester Ross competes as one of the most beautiful sceneries in Europe and potentially in the world. This hiking area is challenging yet rewarding. Beinn Eighe offers a great climbing experience, while the peaks of Torridon stand tall as ancient forts. If you are looking for a physically challenging adventure, Wester Ross is the go-to place.