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Sydney Australia

A Perfect Adventure in Australia

Australia has been my all-time favorite destination. My husband, my friends and I have been travelling the world and on our trips we have seen very many incredible things but…


Kangaroos, Koalas And So Much More!

It gets more and more difficult to find a perfect holiday. This is especially because the four of us had been traveling the globe so much that all the best…

orthodox church crete

Crete: The Perfect Getaway

Our holiday has been overdue for a while. It gets difficult when two couples are trying to coordinate their leave. While everyone was sorting through their leave records, I was…

hong-kong night skyline

Our Amazing Hong Kong Adventure

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to go to some place different. A good deal of research and a big discussion followed. We all loved the Asian countries,…


Food and Wine adventure in Central North Island

Looking for a taste bud adventure in New Zealand? Try Central North Island and discover the traditional Maori food and excellent wine to match. There are two passages through the…

cart of santa rosalia

Inside Sicily, The Best Summer Festivals

In Sicily, there is a festival for everything. Well, almost. The whole year, you will find the provinces busy preparing for a celebration of something. The reasons are varied and…

Happy Camel in Egypt

A dream trip to Egypt

Ever since the Arab springs, Egypt has gained global notoriety. As an archaeologist, I know Egypt as a place filled with rich history. My husband and I are qualified archaeologists….


A Hotel with Fantastic Views of the Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls is on most people’s to do list. It is a spectacular place, unlike anything else I have experienced. The sheer power of nature is almost overwhelming and…


Exploring Bermuda

If you’ve been planning to visit Bermuda, there’s a lot to see and do. Bermuda is a country rich with history that you can feel as you move between every…

Business in Atlanta

Hosting a Business Meeting or Conference in Downtown Atlanta

When you have clients or colleagues located all across the country, the logistics of planning a business meeting can get complicated. Video conferencing isn’t always a good option, especially when…