Experience New York like never before- Watkins Glen State Park

Even though we expected to head to the west coast of the states, we had the good fortune of coming across some great tickets to new york. We all have friends there so we took a little detour.

Watkins Glen State Park is a phenomenal place to visit. The first thing that came to my mind when we, with our friends got into the park was Wow!’  The park offers such a breathtaking view and anyone would be left wondering whether they are still in New York. The most amazing thing about traveling to Watkins Glen State Park, New York is that there are so many things to be done and a myriad of sceneries to be enjoyed. English: The gorge at Watkins Glen, New York. ...

The most enjoyable thing we did was taking hiking the gorge trail. The park has some

three entrances; we used the main entrance of Rt. 14 from where we began our hike. The gorge trail can only be summarized as spectacular and we kept stopping every few steps to take in all the beauty of Mother Nature.

I counted only seventeen waterfalls but everyone else insists they are nineteen and so does the internet. This goes to show how engrossed I was in enjoying the view rather than counting the impossibly majestic waterfalls. As we went up the trail that is made from stone and slate pathways and stairs we took thousands of photographs. This is especially so from behind the falls.

English: Watkins Glen, New YorkFrom behind, the falls seem like a live curtain and a really beautiful one. The view from here is more than amazing. The disappointing part was not being able to jump into those circular pools that resembled something like hot tub of sorts. According to park policies, it is okay to look but not to touch. Nonetheless, we managed to take countless photographs of the pools.We had heard that there is a picnicking spot somewhere along the trail. Personally I was getting worried as we did not seem to be getting to the place- not that I was complaining though. Before getting to this picnic spot we took a steep flight of stairs we soon came to know are referred to as Jacob’s ladder. The place was just awesome- peaceful and quiet, perfect for a picnic. We made the most of the snack bar the journey up was just draining and we were famished.

Going down was easier than but just as exciting as the up-trip. We stayed at the Echoes of Glen Bed and Breakfast for two nights. There were so many accommodation options but somehow we just decided to go with Echoes. This place is a perfect combination of cleanliness, good food and affordable prices. Traveling to Watkins Glen State Park, New York is one of those things we still plan on doing again.