Exploring Bermuda

If you’ve been planning to visit Bermuda, there’s a lot to see and do. Bermuda is a country rich with history that you can feel as you move between every locale. Besides the stunning island landscape (which itself can take up one’s entire vacation) there are many things to see and do in Bermuda, some of which are listed below.

The Lighthouse at Gibb’s Hill

The Lighthouse is one of the oldest working cast-iron lighthouses in Bermuda. Built in 1846, the lighthouse is available for tourist visits and stands at 246 feet with a visibility of 362 feet above sea level. Ships 40 miles away and planes at 10,000 feet can see the lighthouse, and operates as a guide to ships to this day with a variety of different light patterns. Rich in history, tourists can climb the full height of the Lighthouse to experience a piece of history.

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens

With 36 acres of lush foliage, the Bermuda Botanical Gardens are an island paradise of unique local tropical flora and fauna. When John Lennon visited in 1980, he named the album “Double Fantasy” after a flower he discovered there. With a variety of stunning local vegetation as well as hibiscus, a unique collection of cacti and an aviary, the Botanical Gardens are a must-see. One of the most fascinating sections is the Garden for the Sightless, which allows the blind to experience the incredible beauty of the garden through a variety of tactile, aromatic flowers.

BermudaThe Newport-Bermuda Race

The Newport-Bermuda Race is a biennial boat race that has taken place for over 100 years. With over 150 participants in five divisions, the challenge is to race across 635 miles of treacherous ocean current for the trophy. This unique race takes place between two countries, as it begins in Newport, Rhode Island, and ends in Bermuda. The journey is incredibly difficult, and while the race is open to different skill levels, much of the entertainment is in seeing the struggle between the most experienced racers. While the next race is scheduled for 2016, there’s much to see in preparation for the next great race.

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

If you have time, it’s certainly worthwhile to visit the Anglican Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, a massive, stunning Gothic cathedral that was built between 1864 and 1889. Quiet, peaceful and with stunning stained-glass windows and classical architecture, the Cathedral is worth a visit for its artistic value or even a short period of meditation. For a small fee, visitors can climb the tower and get one of the most expansive views of Bermuda available.

Where to Stay in Bermuda

Arguably one of the best hotels in the region, the Fairmont in Bermuda is definitely worth a consideration. Besides the customary hospitality provided, the Fairmont goes above and beyond the typical “hospitality” expected in foreign travel. Many who go to the Fairmont find that they don’t travel much outside the sprawling locale having access to some of the most beautiful views in Bermuda, as well as some of the finest cuisine in the region through restaurants such as the Newport, a stunning gastropub situated nearby.