Family Adventures in Snowy Lapland

The aurora blazed brilliant greens and pink trails across the sky, but when I tore my gaze from that amazing sight, I saw something almost more astounding – happy husband, happy kids, everyone rosy cheeked and glowing, no arguments, no stress, the whole family just enjoying the same thing. Wow! How often does that happen?! The snow capped trees had cast a magic spell, or maybe it was Father Christmas. When Maisie first saw him she gasped in wonder – much the same reaction that Toby had when he saw the reindeer, and the husky dogs that pulled them on their thrill-ride through the snowy forest. Toby loves animals, almost as much as he loves going fast.

Dogsledding Lapland

Image Via Flickr By Bimmy

Toby gets that from Mark, the love of speed. Both of them yelled for the dogs to go faster as we hurtled between the trees, the snow glistening in the sunshine, our hats pulled down firmly over our ears. Our laughter rang out through the forest. Behind us, Mark and Helen rode at a more sedate pace, enjoying the scenery.
On the snowmobiles, too, my boys wanted to go fast. Maisie and I decided that we would go a little slower as we went through the National Park, so by the time we got to the Amethyst Mine, they had already gone inside, so we had a girly moment looking at the pretty purple gems.

Aurora Borealis in LaplandPhoto courtesy of Activities Abroad

Purples swirled now across the sky, alongside the greens and pinks, much the same color as all the lucky amethysts we all dug at the end of the tour. Everyone was still staring happily at the sky. Our breath was visible, but none of us minded the cold. We knew that when we were ready, the lovely warm cabin awaited us for our last evening in Lapland.


Image “Fireplace” Via Flickr by Arild Storaas

There is nothing better, I think, than getting exercise in the fresh, cold air, and then, at the end of the day, coming back to a lovely warm log cabin with a roaring fire. The other day, when we came back from the cross country ski, we had a great time making snow angels outside the cabin door. Even a snowball fight did not end in disaster, and we played in the snow until everyone was covered in it.

Finally, our muscles aching pleasantly, we practically tumbled in the door! Hot chocolates for the kids were quickly made, and soon we were all snuggled up in front of the fire. Everyone was tired out, everyone content, and no one bored, not even for a second.

Looking up at the beautiful night sky, and then down at my family and friends, I realized that the holiday had brought us all together. Though we had all loved different things about our adventures, we all agreed that this had been the best holiday ever. Soon we would be back home to jobs, school, homework and chores, but we would all remember our adventures in the far North, and with the help of a little bit of Christmas magic, I am sure that we will be back to snowy Lapland before too long.