Galapagos: an enthralling travel destination

The travel bug bit my husband a few years back. I cannot complain as it has opened us up to a whole new world. Together, we write up a list of places that we must visit and attach a timeline to the same. One of these great places is the Galapagos Islands. Prior to traveling to this exquisite location, I pictured lonely islands, uninhabited yet alluring to the typical traveler. It is an understatement to say that we were pleasantly shocked. The islands are a charming destination waiting to be explored.

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Contrary to what we thought, a number of the islands are well inhabited. This was advantageous for us as it was not difficult to get accommodation for the four of us. For peace of mind during this trip, we opted to make use of tour operators. In retrospect, a little planning would have gone a long way as we realized it is more expensive to hire tour operators on the islands than it was on mainland. Interestingly, making bookings for cruises is more affordable once on the island.

We traveled to  during summer, and I have to admit that diving into the turquoise blue waters was the best thing at the time. Warm days meant we were sweating and had to cool off by engaging in water activities. We particularly enjoyed snorkeling while at the Genovesa Island. In the afternoons, the sheer thrill of kayaking competitions with our friends made for an invigorating way to catch the sights and sounds of Galapagos. Home to single-tailed gulls, this charming island is the ideal getaway.

Having graduated with a degree in Zoology, you can only imagine my palpable excitement at the thought of finally visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station. The station has on board researchers working on programs that oversee the conservation of nearly extinct species, with the most popular program been that of the tortoises. We walked through the tortoise enclosure where we came up close with the gigantic inhabitants of the Galapagos. One of the tortoises, aptly named Lonesome George (because he has not been able to mate successfully) has been alive since 1972! This research station is a resourceful destination, making for quite an informative leg of our Galapagos trip.

Having read so much about Isla Isabela prior to our holiday, it was only ideal for us to take a few days off and sail to this enticing destination. Watching the dolphins dance in the morning for the three days we spent there was one of the highlights of this trip. In the afternoons, we would go cave exploring, the perfect way to savor the undisturbed flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. We ended the vacation with a brief stint at Rabida Island, undoubtedly one of the most pristine beaches in Galapagos. Galapagos Islands are the perfect place for couples looking to spend some time together as well as families keen on exploring the hidden treasures of the islands.