Hosting a Business Meeting or Conference in Downtown Atlanta

When you have clients or colleagues located all across the country, the logistics of planning a business meeting can get complicated. Video conferencing isn’t always a good option, especially when there are numerous people or training involved. That means someone has to locate a venue that has enough room for everyone, fully equipped meeting rooms, and on-site business centers so executives can work during non-meeting times.

There is also the matter of deciding the best geographical location to host the meeting. You have to consider the efficiency of the city’s airports, its weather, and the availability of meeting rooms, among other things. Atlanta, Georgia stands out as a clear choice for several reasons.

Travel into Atlanta

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is just seven miles from the city’s major business district. People flying into town for a business meeting can easily rent a car at the airport or catch a cab to their destination. Because of the short distance, business travelers who choose not to rent a car don’t have to spend a fortune getting around the city. As one of the busiest airports in the country, Hartsfield-Jackson flew more than 95 million passengers last year and still maintained high customer satisfaction ratings.

Ideal Weather

While much of the United States struggles with sub-zero temperatures and several feet of snow in the winter, the average daytime high temperature in Atlanta is 60 degrees. This jumps to 72 degrees in the spring and 90 degrees in the summer before going back down to 75 degrees in the fall. The nearly ideal weather is a key selling point if you have people who seem unwilling to travel. When meetings are not in session, they can enjoy spending time outdoors during any season.

Business in AtlantaChoose a Hotel That Caters to Business Clients

Staying in a hotel for business is much different from being on a vacation. You are there to work and gain new information, not to just have fun. Since much of everyone’s time will be spent in meetings, it is important that they are comfortable. Be certain to ask what kind of chairs your group will have as well as how the room is set up. Will it the chairs be in rows, as if you were in a classroom? This is a good choice if someone is presenting information on a whiteboard or your group is viewing a film. If the meeting is geared more towards discussion, a roundtable design allows each participant to clearly see those around him or her.

You should have your choice of business meeting rooms based on the group’s preferences and the number of participants that you expect. To ensure that the meeting is beneficial for everyone, choose a room with a maximum capacity that is several more people than you are expecting. You don’t want it to be so crowded that people can’t take notes or move about comfortably. In addition, a quality business hotel should offer plenty of catering options so your group doesn’t have to leave for meals and then reconvene later.

The Atlanta hotel you choose needs to have a state-of-the art business center with Wi-Fi access and plenty of space to spread out papers and work. Before you reserve several rooms at the hotel, make sure the business center has 24-hour availability and all the accessories you need.