Kangaroos, Koalas And So Much More!

It gets more and more difficult to find a perfect holiday. This is especially because the four of us had been traveling the globe so much that all the best locations have already been visited. We were tired of the mundane tourist activities. We wanted more! Our previous experience on a cruise was amazing and my boyfriend suggested trying another. I didn’t mind. After all, lounging on the deck with margaritas and roaming around the choicest cities of the world was stuff that was made for kings.

I broached the subject to my friend and her boyfriend the next day. We somehow took it for granted that they would join us and we were not disappointed. We spent the night pouring over brochures and searching the net for the perfect cruise. It was a great night. We ordered pizza and paired it with a great wine. After two to three hours of research we zeroed in on the cruise that we wanted. It was a family oriented cruise but it was something that we would enjoy. The cruise would take us across the Southern coastline of Australia.

Morning JogWe boarded the cruise from Melbourne. The men were sure excited. Both of them were wildlife fanatics and the cruise promised to bring us up and close with a lot of Australia’s wildlife. With the anchor up and the engines on, the cruise liner started chugging its way through the waters. My boyfriend and I joined our friends for dinner. We managed to have it up on the deck, and spent a really nice evening watching the sea as the sun set on the horizon.

The cruise did not disappoint us. I never knew that such a large collection of animals lived off the coast of Australia. Luckily for us we had all packed our binoculars. The Whales, Sea lions, and Penguins definitely caught our attention. The Penguins were really cute! An assortment of birds also flew overhead.

As we neared land our attention was diverted to the different species that inhabited the area. Koala’s and Kangaroos were the most common. We were among the lucky few who spotted the Wallabies, Echidna and a couple of rare birds. Our stop on Kangaroo Island was extremely eventful. My boyfriend almost got kicked by an angry kangaroo. Totally his fault! He should have let it have his lunch!

Somehow vacations fly once they start. The cruise too got over all too soon for our liking. It was a different experience compared to our other trips. We enjoyed it just as much. It helped us bond with nature and see some species that we didn’t even know existed. For me, the best part of the journey will always be the sea lions and the whales. Something about them has always fascinated me.

white-sandy-beachOur group definitely enjoyed our vacation on the cruise. I have a sneaky suspicion that it won’t be our last. We are constantly on the lookout for adventure and enjoyment. Anyone willing to bet that our next vacation will be on a cruise too?