Maldives: A trip of a lifetime

Undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting destinations, Maldives has always been a must-visit destination. My partner and I chose to travel to the beautiful islands, if only to get a break from the madness that characterizes daily life. See, if your house offers you stunning views of the ocean, or alluring azure skies over the turquoise blue waters of the lake, there may be no need to move elsewhere. If, on the other hand, your house is surrounded by a concrete jungle like mine is, after a short while you start to hear the rushing waves, the chirping of different birds, and the dancing of dolphins.

When I started to here these sounds, and visualize the sights, I know it is time to pack my bags. One of the most challenging things we have encountered when both of us are traveling is how to access convenient airport parking services. For this  reason, my partner decided to shop around for companies offering parking services, particularly from Heathrow Airport as this is where we were to take our flight from. We were elated to discover the sheer convenience of airport parking with BCP, a company that offers numerous parking services. We settled for short term parking as we would not be away for too long, and off we went to Maldives.

The welcoming sights of this true paradise are a sure change away from the skyscrapers that dot London. This is the one place I have visited that is both a delight above water and under water. We kicked off our brief vacation by exploring Male, the capital city of Maldives

. One of the quaint attractions in Male is the Old Friday Mosque, commonly referred to as the Hukuru Miskiiy by the locals. This mosque dates as far back as the mid 17th century, making it an endearing tourist destination.

We took some time off to head to Bathala Island for some intimate time. This amazing island is located in North Maldives and takes just one and a half hours from the airport on a speedboat. The pristine beaches, the feeling of sand in my pedicured feet, and just the seclusion of the island makes Bathala a special destination. It was quite rejuvenating to spend some alone time here.

As water lovers, we could not pass the opportunity to go diving at the Banana Reef. The reef is recognized globally for its amazing and diverse natural beauty, making it ideal for snorkeling. The view underwater is simply breathtaking. The rich coral reef makes this experience the trip of a lifetime. We admit to been foodies, so we would take the opportunity to eat out during dinner. The Seagull Cafe stood out, not just because of the tantalizing food, but also because this is where my partner proposed. We ended the trip by riding the Whale Submarine, allowing us stunning views of the Ocean Reef. Isn’t it amazing how time flies when you are having fun? After 5 short days, we were back to the mega city. The peace of mind of finding convenient inexpensive Heathrow parking simply made the transition back to the city seamless. Someone take me back to Maldives!