My Top 10 Tips For Getting Married Abroad

Every time I talked to my boyfriend about the idea of getting married abroad, he was excited but skeptical about how it would be the experience of having a wedding out of the ordinary.One day, while searching the internet, I found lots of interesting places to have my ceremony, especially in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.These countries have something different, something exotic about them that fascinates me. I talked to my boyfriend and so we decided to get married through a wonderful place called Blue Bay Resorts and it was the best decision we could have made!

First, there were no complications at check in, and as we asked for a discreet ceremony, everything was treated to the last detail.So what are the advantages and tips that I got from this amazing experience? Well, having the opportunity to marry in a resort was a real luxury! Soon after me and my fiance checked in, the resort staff served us champagne to celebrate the ceremony we’d have. A wedding coordinator is also included in the package, which makes the whole process much easier. It’s an amazing experience to have the opportunity of getting married abroad and still have everything done for you, so you don’t need to care about anything at all, just relax and wait for the big day to come!

weddingThe little details it’s what makes the difference, and it did for me – I got my wedding cake, bride’s bouquet, a wonderful couple massage for relaxation, and best of all, a full honeymoon package right after the wedding! I can’t say enough of how much i enjoyed this experience – it was a truly a dream ceremony for both me, my husband and my close friends. The landscape, where you could clearly see the waves on the beach and the palm trees was like in the movies, I just couldn’t believe i was living in that moment.

My tips of getting married abroad, especially if you want your future husband both want it, would be:

  1. Research well the destination. Your wedding should be the most important day of your life, so it needs to be thought through in detail to guarantee everything goes well and as planned.
  2. Make sure you know how much you can spend and have a set a budget from the beginning – this is important to avoid going over the top with the expenses ( and that’s why i found this particular package I mentioned above so appealing ).
  3. Another useful tip would be to contact the destination country’s embassy to ensure all the documents are up to date, to avoid legal problems when you arrive.
  4. Try to choose a season when the chances of a natural disaster to happen are reduced, such as hurricanes, which can ruin your wedding.
  5. Also, it is important to double check that there will be sufficient accommodation for your guests.
  6. Decide on the clothing attire for the guests and be sure to inform them well in advance. If you’re having a wedding on the beach, or in an 8th century castle,, the attire will make a difference.
  7. Elect the best man or the bridesmaid to help and ensure your guests arrive safely to the hotel from the minute they arrive to the desired wedding destination.
  8. Plan ahead of time the idea of baggage allowance on your return trip to home. This may become an issue with all of your guests bringing gifts of blenders, silverware, dishwashers ,… Etc.. 😉 I have had friends deal with this issue in one of 2 ways, either have your guests bring a gift card, or have a separate gifts ceremony ofter you get home. this will save a lot of hassles, and may get a lot more of your friends to show up , who did not make it to the wedding ( this also translates into MORE GIFTS  😉 )
  9. Have a coordinator, a friend, professional,or a travel agency, arrange activities for your guests. After all if they are traveling quite a way from home they may want to get out and enjoy the surroundings.. and most of all you will want to keep them out of your hair, so you can enjoy your time with your true love.
  10. And last of all set aside one time, a dinner or a day on the beach, in a relaxed setting to spend with all of your guests, who went well out of there way to come to your special day.

wedding ringsAll these details should be considered in order to make the most important day of your life a success for both you, your husband and your guests! And maybe pick a wonderful place like Mexico for your big day.