Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

We always seem to have the daunting process while of selecting our next holiday destination, but with time we got ideas from the internet. Traveling to Oneonta Gorge, Oregon turned out to be the best destination that served our needs right. Oregon is full of spectacular attraction sites and things to do, in fact a day or two cannot be enough to get the best experience in Oneonta Gorge.

Lower Oneonta falls, photographed in late summer.Due to its popularity, we were advised to book a hotel in advance of which we did to avoid last minute rush. Our trip was scheduled for the weekend and we arrived at the hotel around 5:00 pm and could not proceed to Oneonta Gorge since we were totally exhausted. The next day we were up early and hired the hotel shuttle which was in good order, so we did not waste much time on the way. The number of visitors at that time were not as much as we expected, which gave us an added advantage to have the very best experience with minimal distractions.

There is no entrance fee and our trail started right from the Columbia River highway. The high way is beside horsetail falls which is about 176 foot. The place is full of licorice ferns, the pink geraniums and white candy flowers giving the place a great look. We did not spend much time here since we had a lot to see around the Gorge.

About 0.2 miles down we turned right and there was yet another fall about 80 foot high. At this point we decided to look for a guide who can take us through. He told us that the fall is known as ponytail falls which forms a cavern since it had washed all the underlying soil. About 0.4 miles beyond the ponytail falls we were at the edge of a cliff above the highway that gave us a good view point. Children were not allowed close to the unfenced edge, but my friend’s wife could not stand the thrilling feeling at the cliff edge. Walking down the road we came across a metallic foot bridge about 60 foot above Oneonta falls. At this point we stood for a photo session before we turned back to the hotel since we were totally exhausted.