Our amazing stay at Sarova Saltlick Game Lodge, Kenya

Located at the heart of Taita Hills Sanctuary, a massive 28,000 acres, Sarova Saltlick Lodge borders Tsavo West National Park. Our stay in this lodge was something like a dream because of the location of this lodge. The sarova saltlick Lodge is built on massive high stilts above a watering hole, where animals come to drink and feed right next to the lodge, giving guests a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat at a very close range. This is something that is very rare in most hotels and sarova saltlick lodge provides an opportunity where you will not get anywhere else.

salt lick game lodgeWe had no problem getting to the Sarova Saltlick Lodge is very easy as there is an airstrip (Voi Airstrip) only 4.21KM away. We flew from Nairobi to Voi Airstrip and from here we were picked by 4x4s provided by the lodge.

The Sarova Saltlick Lodge has spacious luxurious oval shaped rooms fully equipped with bathrooms flush toilets, hot and cold showers.
We arrived to a polite and friendly welcome, and we were shown to our room by a tough security guard, I think this is because of the insecurity alert in Kenya right now, but Sarova Saltlick is very secure. This was good to see as we observed on arrival that there was nothing to halt the wild animals from coming into the lodge, a lion could just walk into the front door if they desired.

We stayed in Sarova Saltlick Lodge for three days but what we saw in this lodge will make me visit back over and over again. Put it simply Sarova Saltlick Lodge is a paradise on earth. The hotel was pleasing we saw an elephant on arrival. The lodge also provide game meals and the food was delicious. The staffs are very polite and we really enjoyed our visit.

game lodgeThe Sarova saltlick Lodge provides also other services such as:
• Bird watching; we were able to watch birds from the comfort of our room.
• Bush meals; we enjoyed game meat for the three days we stayed here. There is a variety from crocodile meat, buffalo to zebra.
• Game drives; the lodge provides drives around the park where you can view animals in the thickets and those animals that shy away from coming to the lodge. Some animals are scared of the gigantic structures of the lodge and also afraid of people.
• Guided walks
• Shop
• Spa – full
• Sun downers; where you enjoy the beautiful sunset in the plains
• Swimming pool; they have a spacious swimming pool where you can relax when the sun is hot.
• 4×4 vehicles