Our Amazing Hong Kong Adventure

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to go to some place different. A good deal of research and a big discussion followed. We all loved the Asian countries, but finalizing on one particular city to visit was bit difficult. We had spent quite a bit of time in south East Asia in the past, China, Thailand, Malaysia, but we wanted something new and inspiring. We wanted a place that would shock the system so to speak. A new world within South East Asia. That is when we decided upon Hong Kong as that seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

As we ventured into the city of Hong Kong both the guys and girls were divided on what to do. Hong Kong is known for its famous markets and both my friend and I wanted to shop. The men on the other hand wanted to see the sights. After a long discussion we gave in to their demands. They were right after all. We had come to see the place. We however made them promise to keep one day aside especially for shopping!

hong-kong Victoria PeakWe visited Victoria peak and got a glimpse of the Hong Kong skyline. It was beautiful! We even got a chance to ride on the iconic Peak tram ride. That was fun too! We visited the Lantau island and grumbled as our legs threatened to give away. Did you know that you have to climb 268 steps just to reach to the top and see the statue of Buddha? The view is awesome but my legs did not appreciate it at all!

We visited Aberdeen, which is a traditional fishing village. The highlight of our visit there was the jumbo floating restaurant. I must say that we really managed to let lose there. It is much more spectacular than the one outside of Siam Reap, Cambodia. If you have been there before you will know exactly what I’m talking about! The Victoria harbor was another great experience. We watched the Symphony of Lights at the Avenue of Stars. Though the place was crowded the experience was worth our while.

hong-kong Avenue of StarsIt goes without saying that we saved a day for Disneyland. Though the Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest and most recent one built, we had a great time. We moved across all seven themes that the park had to offer. We even managed to get on most of the rides. As we chose a weekday, the crowds were not really that bad.

Another day was dedicated to the museums and the best one of them all was Madam Tussauds. The wax sculptures looked amazingly real, and a bit creepy, if you ask me. Now on to the fun part. The last day of our trip was reserved for shopping. I would rather have had a much longer shopping experience but we had agreed on a compromise. The Hong Kong markets did not disappoint, we could have spent a week there.

It wasn’t long before our trip came to its end. With our bags packed it was time to return home. I just hoped that my luggage made the weight requirement on the plane. If you’re looking to take a trip we would recommend adding Hong Kong to your bucket list. Cathay Pacific offers a number of flights to Hong Kong from around the world, and for a long flight we would definitely recommend.