Our Journey to the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Although Europe can be quite beautiful in the winter, we have decided to head south to Africa and warm up a bit.

Our experience in the Skeleton coast of Namibia is one that I will never forget in my entire life. Among all the vacations I have taken in my life, this was the most enjoyable one. Much to our expectations, this trip did not disappoint. We saw the red dunes, flew north through Swakopmund on the first leg of the four day tour over the skeleton Coast park. Our guides flew us and our companions over the entire park in two four seater planes. We moved up the coast, driving by land rover daily as we explored the mountains and dunes. We spent each night in a different campsite so that we would have different experiences.

Wreck on the Skeleton Coast, NamibiaFrom the air, our pilot guides flew as low, which made us experience the breath taking scenes. The beauty was just relenting and experienced some of the most amazing features in the park. During the evenings, we were dazed. We did not see a lot of wildlife, though we watched flamingos, seals along the coast and further inland we saw Oryx one of the largest species of antelopes. We just saw three desert elephants from our dune skimming Cessna. These rare animals like surfing the sands. I just used to see them do so on videos, but I got a first hand experience which was just amazing.

A sand dune in NamibiaAnother amazing thing that we experienced is that when the conditions were just right, the sand would sing. This made me remember about learning about the singing sands of the Gobi deserts. The sand would produce sounds like musical instruments. This was a bit awkward because dunes roared just in some places. Our guides knew this and the advised us to sit on one of the roaring dunes. This was scaring, but since we wanted to get the experience we did as we were instructed. Soon, the deep mechanical thrumming began in the dune. The entire thing was vibrating, which felt like a small earthquake. This is an experience I had not gotten somewhere else. We also drove to the high points in the dunes and by having a look in every direction, there was nothing but pristine and curving planes of the sand.

From this great experience we had, Skeleton coast Namibia should be recognized and popularized as one of the best vacation spots in the world.

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