Our trip to King Pacific Lodge

After Africa, we had found some great tickets with Copa airlines to Canada, so we decided to make a stop in Canada and enjoy some of the spring.

Keeping in line with our joy of finding some awesome places to stay we had read about King Pacific Lodge (floating hotel), Canada. True to the word, this has got to be one of the most magical vacations we took together with our friends. The night we shared at that lodge is discussed in minor detail below.

We had such a moving night at King Pacific Lodge (floating hotel), Canada. This started right when we boarded the seaplane to the lodge. This experience wowed us and it was so refreshing to get acquainted with a different means of transport. The champagne we had on board helped with the jet lag that had already started to kick in. upon arrival, the staff treated us very warmly and helped us with our luggage and even asked about how our flights were.

The rooms were simply exquisite and they had such a romantic feel to them. They felt like Floating Hotelhome. The view was what caught my eye the most. My room provided me with a great view of the large amount of water surrounding us. We all agreed that the view was one of the most spectacular things we enjoyed at King Pacific Lodge.

My best friends and I enjoyed a sumptuous dinner right outside the lodge. It was amazing how whatever we wanted was catered to by this amazing staff. Most people go to King Pacific Lodge to see the bears and whales. They also go for kayaking and fishing. The time we spent in each of our cabins was truly a moving night at King Pacific Lodge (floating hotel), Canada. This just goes to show that whenever you have people who love you unconditionally around you, the effects are magnificent. Going to King Pacific Lodge (floating hotel), Canada alone would not have been nearly as beautiful as going there with my 3 best friends.

King Pacific LodgeWe all enjoyed the moving night we had at King Pacific Lodge (floating hotel), Canada. My best friends and I spent just a few hours there but we all agreed that we all experienced a mystical transportation that we could not fathom. Attempting to begin contemplating how our experience there was would not be fruitful. One needs to travel to Canada to understand the whole aspect. Being at King Pacific Lodge felt like being in a mystical universe. This, however, depends on the company you have with you. My friends and I all agreed that our travel escapades are not the same without each other. We simply cannot wait to go back.