My Top 10 Tips For Getting Married Abroad

Every time I talked to my boyfriend about the idea of getting married abroad, he was excited but skeptical about how it would be the experience of having a wedding…

Storage Tips for Travellers

The gift of travel is one of the best things you can give yourself. It’s exciting, enriching and invigorating to explore new places and experience lifestyles different from your own….

Drugs Law Travel

Why You Really Shouldn’t Take Illegal Drugs while Traveling

Taking illegal drugs is usually a bad idea. There are so many variables that get involved when a person traveling uses illegal drugs, even many recreational drug users are not…

Happy Camel in Egypt

A dream trip to Egypt

Ever since the Arab springs, Egypt has gained global notoriety. As an archaeologist, I know Egypt as a place filled with rich history. My husband and I are qualified archaeologists….

Visit London

A Couples retreat in London

Being a parent of four is not an easy task. My husband and I constantly have to struggle with raising our children, a daily battle filled with victories, defeats, disappointments…

United Kingdom

Our Travels in the United Kingdom

The excitement built in my being, creating the feeling that I was going to pop. I looked over at my husband and two best friends and knew this was going…


A Hotel with Fantastic Views of the Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls is on most people’s to do list. It is a spectacular place, unlike anything else I have experienced. The sheer power of nature is almost overwhelming and…


An unforgettable experience in the UK

Ever since I was a child, my fascination with the UK was intense. As the years went by it grew stronger and stronger. By the time I was in the…


Exploring Bermuda

If you’ve been planning to visit Bermuda, there’s a lot to see and do. Bermuda is a country rich with history that you can feel as you move between every…

Business in Atlanta

Hosting a Business Meeting or Conference in Downtown Atlanta

When you have clients or colleagues located all across the country, the logistics of planning a business meeting can get complicated. Video conferencing isn’t always a good option, especially when…