Planning a Trip To South America

One of my friends wrote up this article about her recent experience with couples travels, so I decided to add it in here for all to read, hope you enjoy.

When Ricky Martin released the song,”Livin’ La Vida Loca”, back in 1999, he knew the adverse effects it would have on people. I, for one, was attracted by this song and so I have been “living the crazy life”, ever since. As if by coincidence, I married this cute guy called Martin, and it was a match made in heaven, and as they say…”the rest is history”.

Recently I won an all expenses paid for, trip-for-two to watch the World Cup finals in Brazil, from a local competition ran by a local television station. The thing that excited me most was, we got to choose where to stay, and they would pay. I had never traveled to South America before, let alone Brazil. I called my best friend since high school, Sheila (who was having problems in her marriage), to share my big news. After collecting my prize the next day, I met Sheila for lunch and we talked. I came up with a suggestion that she and Jerry should come with us for this trip, as a way of trying to revive the love in their relationship. As a matter of fact Jerry worked in a travel agency, which would help us with the travel plans. She called me that evening and said her husband agreed, but his agency didn’t deal with South American travels, but suggested we visit

After a few days of communications, and the d-day approaching fast, I got an e-mail detailing all the places we could choose to stay, the costs, etc. Surprisingly they were very affordable; we could even pay from our own pockets.

Anyway, so a few months later, the four of us were on a plane headed for Rio de Janeiro. We were booked in, the Olinda Rio Hotel. Their hospitality was truly world class, and they had the most beautiful drapes I have ever seen. Since our visa was valid for only two weeks, we set out to sightseeing. Of course the first place we visited was the famous,

Corcovado Mountains, (Monte Cristo). The climb by train was exciting. We took stunning pictures of; the famous Cristo Redentor, the view of the city atop the hill, and the wide stretch of the Copacabana beach. It was simply breathtaking. For lunch we decided to taste some of the local delicacies at the hotel, and then we set out for some beach volleyball and sun-bathing in the afternoon (you should see how beautifully tanned my skin is). The next day it was all sores and aches. Needless to say, we hadn’t had enough.

After the World Cup game, between USA and Germany, the results made me want to make the best out of my holiday. Crazy at it may sound, we set out all the way south to visit the Iguazu Falls, right at the border with Paraguay. The water just felt good on my skin, with the summer heat and all. What a romantic place walk we had. We traveled back that evening, since it was our last night there, and just spent a quiet evening together. Looking back, I must admit, the experience made me appreciate football, and as for Sheila and Jerry, this couldn’t have come at a better time. They are expecting a baby boy in a few months. I suggested they call him Rio.