Planning An Exciting Vacation To Australia

South America has been an exciting place to visit and even stay. The rich culture and vibrant weather is just one of the things that make this destination worthwhile. However, as many visitors realize a visit to South America is on everyone’s list. The tourist attractions are almost always crowded. This is why I opted to take my next vacation far from this busy spot; all the way to Australia. When I made this suggestion over dinner with our friends, they excited and decided to join us. This proved to be a great plan as the cost of the holiday becomes much lower.

Together with our friends, we are quite adventurous often opting to back pack rather than lie on the beach throughout the holiday. We are often interested in trying out the newest experiences in the country of choice. In Australia, we are pretty excited to explore the Great Barrier Reef. The reef can be explored through deep sea diving. We are not experienced in the same; however, we have been taking lessons and hope to be ready in time for the most exciting experience. Of course, my husband is more concerned about his ability to take photos while underwater.

We are not very artsy but the couple traveling with us has been close friends and love exploring art. We have therefore hit a compromise, my husband and I will join them in touring the Tasmanian museum. Apparently the museum is a personal collection of David Walsh a famous gambler who later turned to art collection. In his museum you can find the rarest pieces some from little known artists. Our friends have promised that we will not be disappointed but rather become instant art lovers from the experience. We are really looking forward to our first art lesson.

Sydney Opera House viewed from the sideBeing couples we are looking also to have some romantic time together away from the bustle of raising children and the responsibilities at home. We plan to have a quiet dinner and sit at the Sydney opera house. This will be an enlightening experience for all of us to visit the most famous opera house in the world. The opera house is surrounded by ideal, quiet restaurants where we can enjoy dinner. After dinner, we will of course catch a drink at the famous opera bar before entering the opera. The opera gives a great excuse to dress up during a vacation.

Because of all the exploration we are planning, driving around to places such as Uluru to watch the most romantic sunrise and other areas, it seemed like a great idea to rent a car. However, I came across a great new car offer where we could purchase a car and enjoy even more freedom. We can drive through rough terrain, drive around easily at whatever time of the day and generally not have to worry about transportation all through the long holiday. Seeing the convenience and the cheap price of the car, we have decided to purchase a good vehicle.