Pučiśća on the island of Brač Croatia

After Switzerland we all decided to head back into eastern Europe, as we had enjoyed the culture so much from our experience earlier in the spring. I’m glad to say that they chose Pucisca settlement in the beautiful island of Brac, Croatia.

Things to do

The town has an estimated population of 2,500 and is less populated compared to other places in the country. Immediately we landed we were warmly welcomed by the natives, who are always jovial and trusting of visitors. They gave us a short education on the origins of Pucisca and we learned that it emerged from a deep stone cove towards the North of Brac, a selection of nicely built antique houses with white curved roofs give the place its unique charm. We were left breathless by the region’s rich stone masonry culture that’s exhibited in almost all of the buildings architectural design, from schools and restaurants to heritage monuments.

I personally enjoyed the traditional shows that we attended at Summer Music Festival English: Town of Pučišća on the island of Brač...Center. Pucisca is one of the few remaining places in Europe where natives still maintain their ancient ways of life, which have successively been passed down from generation to generation. Visitors are spoiled for choice as there are more than enough activities to enjoy and picturesque places to visit. For us we took a trip to the nearby beach for some relaxing sun basking, then later on played volleyball with the surrounding sea providing us with a magnificent backdrop that would be arched on our memories for several years to come.

Sports enthusiasts may try various outdoor activities such as cycling, water skiing and scuba diving though those planning to make use of the sea should first ensure that there’s a professional rescue personnel before dipping in. As for the food, let me just put it simply that no other place on earth serves lamb chops that are as tasty as those found in Pucisca, there are many other traditional Dalmatian desserts that you will also love. If you want to make your summer vacation unforgettable then this is definitely the place to be, the ambiance and serenity of Brac Island is simply unmatched.

There are various accommodation plans that one can choose based on the size of their pockets, they include single rooms, apartments and summer houses. Most of them are modern and fully equipped with amenities that guarantee visitors a comfortable stay. Furthermore, visiting Pučiśća on the island of Brač. Croatia is quite cost-effective compared to other destinations around the world.