Seven Days of Fun in Finland’s Winter Wonderland

I knew there was a lot I could do in Finland during winter but I did not anticipate this much excitement. Together with my husband and our friends we have always looked for an adventure that would be memorable and one that would make us bond in the absence of the kids. Finland in winter was all that crept in my mind. Knew it would offer the best set of activities that would keep as busy for the seven days we were to explore this beautiful land.

Oulanka has always been identified with a myriad of adventurous activities. Every couple should visit the place. It is the winter trip that comes with a difference. You have an opportunity to discover beautiful wilderness and majestic view during the cold season.

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Our itinerary was filled with activities. All breath taking and exciting. The adventure started on the first day of the visit.

We flew to Kuusamo the land of all the beauty. I must admit that we were all tired by the time we reached the place. All we could do is drink hot chocolate as we told stories about our lives besides the fireplace. The cottage was cosy and had all that we needed. The attendants we hospitable and ready to assists whenever we needed help. We rested early that night because the following day was to be packed with activities.


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Day 2 in Finland was all about Dog sledding instruction and tour. I have never moved on ice like we did in Finland. We went about 10 km gliding on the ice with a pack of dogs leading the trail. It was very exciting. To me it was Something like that which I had only seen in movies. The cold breeze brushed on our faces as the pack of fluffy dogs lead the trail. We glided through plain snow and caught up with the horizon. I screamed my lungs out as I could no longer hold the excitement within me any longer.

The night was capped by travelers party. It was all jolly with songs and dance as we celebrated our ordeal. Before I knew it, we were back to our cottage and sleep took over. I did not know this was the way we were going to spend the nights for the rest of the adventure. A day would be closed with an all-night party until the last man standing gave in. To me, it was living free.

The third day was about exploring the park. It began with a half-day snowshoe walk. Then we explored the park before going on a snowshoe walk again in the afternoon. I wish I could compare the experience with another place in the world but I must admit it was a unique experience. Having to move swiftly on the snow with the special shoes. The park had all the wild animals that live in the cold that you can ever imagine. We had plenty to capture with our cameras including the bit of sun on the edge of the horizon.

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It was not all holiday because day four was about cross-country ski lessons. We had the opportunity to use the skis for free after the lesson. Day five was a different day like the other days. In the morning we had an option of visiting the Ruka snowmobile safari or having a downhill skiing. In the afternoon we had an opportunity to visit the reindeer farm. The most interesting activity of the day was enjoying a reindeer sleigh ride. At the end of the day, we had a warm drink and the most amazing reindeer sausage on open fire. That was the highlight of the day. The environment was perfect and stunning. We told all the stories we could tell before retiring to bed.

Day six was a free day. We had an opportunity to explore Finland. We did some shopping and organized a party just for us. We took the party outside and played snow games. We built snow forts and a huge snowman with a red nose. Day seven was our last day. We began the day by exploring ice mountains and engaging in ice-climbing then we took the fun to Frisbee park before settling in for the evening. The night was calm with no much activity other than telling stories and bonding. It was hard to say goodbye to Finland, but as they say, ” most good things eventually come to an end.”