The Benefits of Hotel Spas During Business Travel

When traveling on business, it is important to maintain your composure for business meetings. Investors, clients, and business partners will not be impressed by a harried, stressed demeanor. Hotel spas are just the place to unwind, either before or after a business engagement. Many business travelers select hotels based on amenities. After all, business trips cannot be all business. One has to live, and those who live well don’t stop doing it on business trips. For business travelers, there is usually an amount of money set aside for Per Diem expenses, and spa services may be incorporated into that Per Diem for full reimbursement by the company.

Benefits of Massage on a Business Trip

Massage is very beneficial, especially after travel by plane or long distances in the car. Often the back will cramp up or otherwise hinder the level of comfort after arrival. Business travelers who select a hotel with spa can schedule massages upon arrival. This way, after arrival and before meeting important business contacts, the traveler can become refreshed. Massage works wonders for the body, taking the percentage of blood pooled in the soft tissues and pushing it back into circulation. This gives a boost of fresh blood and fresh oxygen into the system.

The Benefits of Hotel Spas During Business TravelRed-Carpet Ready Facials for Important Meetings

Many hotel spas offer facials. These are specifically beneficial for business travelers because the professional products help with blemishes. According to Amy’s Skin Care (, scalp massages, which are often included, reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The confidence boost alone will help in business interactions. Everyone likes a pretty face. One should make sure that the ingredients in the skin care products are okay for his or her skin type. Some spas offer all organic skin care lines, while others lean more toward a medi-spa approach with very strong chemical peels or other intensive treatments. Make sure that whatever facial treatment is done will be similar to what starlets get before going on the Red Carpet.

Nail Services

Manicured hands are vital for business interactions. When traveling to an unfamiliar place, finding a nail salon is often overwhelming. That’s when a hotel spa is ideal. By booking nail services in advance, the hands can be perfect for flip-chart presentations and more. Business people who take care of themselves are very aware of other people’s hands. Even a short, touch-and-go manicure for either businessmen or women could make a big difference on a business deal.

Blowout Bars for Business Professionals

Many traveling businesswomen take advantage of the blowout bar offered in high-end hotel spas. The fresh hairstyle and small amount of pampering sets the stage for a fantastic day or evening business encounter. Blowout bars have become popular over the past few years, and are often priced reasonably for business professionals.

Pampering on the Business Trip

Many business professionals go to spas to relax and get pampered. After all, it’s easier to focus if one is relaxed first. Hotel spas are a great opportunity to do some body maintenance and relaxation at a place that does not take you out of your schedule. Often the pampering is more important than the actual body treatment.


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