The Ultimate Weekend Away In Dublin

One of my most memorable times in my married life. I spent the weekend with my husband Jim and our friends in the City of Dublin. We were having a couple’s getaway, and we hoped to bond with our spouses and we ended up doing just that. To make the weekend a success, we had to plan and research on special places for couples to visit in Dublin, the hotel we were going to live in and the activities to engage in order to relax our minds.

Temple bar streetChoosing a hotel to stay in was particularly challenging because we were spoiled for choice on what hotel to select. The city has a number of luxurious, world class hotels such as the Merrion Hotel,, the Croke Park Hotel, Radisson Blu Royal hotel, The Marker Hotel, and The Westbury Hotel just to mention a few. We settled on the latter and we booked the reservations earlier in advance to avoid last minute rush. Going for a romantic getaway with another couple can only be fun if all the parties’ interests are taken into consideration. For this reason therefore, we made a point to let everybody contribute in making the key decisions about the trip. This way, everyone was happy.

Flying in on Friday evening was uneventful. We arrived at the city at 8.00 o’clock just as the city was livening up for the night social life. That night we dinned at the hotel we were staying in. The hotel served us with delicious cuisine and drinks. Later, after dinner, we and went to bed to wait for the next day so we could explore the city. The next day, we were very excited about visiting the interesting places that we had heard about the city and read over the internet. Our first stop was the Croke Park Stadium Tour, and the GAA museum. This was Suzie’s idea because she is an artist and the trip could have been incomplete without her sampling the art galleries in the city and the unique artifacts in the museums. Strolling around the city was also a sight to behold with the magnificent buildings and a bridge right in the middle of the city.

Dublin CastleWhen evening came, we could not miss a chance to visit one of the famous Dublin theaters. Our choice was the grand Bod Gais Energy Theater where we got thoroughly entertained by a group that performed a Shakespeare play, the Hamlet. Later, we went to the Dublin Sing song Show and listed to soothing romantic tunes performed by a live band. The night did not end there; we also went to the Belvedere Hotel and watched a dance performance as we had dinner until late into the night. Then we retreated to our hotel for some sleep after a long tedious day.

The following morning, on Sunday,Market Dublin we decided to stay in the hotel and spend a bit of time relaxing. We spent that day at the spa where we spent some time at the sauna and the jacuzzi pampering ourselves and getting mind blowing massages. The day gave us a chance to relax our minds and rejuvenate our spirits as we prepared to go back to our busy lives that evening.

The weekend away was what I and my husband needed to reconnect and reignite our love for each other. I would strongly recommend a couples trip to Dublin for a wonderful experience.