Traveling to Palouse Falls, Washington

Back on track now we are on the west coast on track for another awesome summer.

Do you want to know about the beauties of traveling to Palouse Falls, Washington? Indeed, the Palouse waterfall has been classified as one of the best waterfalls in the universe. It is one of the best places to be with a friend of opposite sex or a life partner. As partners there are a lot of things to enjoy in this tourist attraction site. Below is just a list of some things we did when we visited the waterfall.

English: Palouse Falls in late August, when th...1. Viewing waterfall at flood stage.
– We took lot of photos on the waterfall site for free. It was the most water that we had witnessed in 6 falls that we had visited before.
– What makes the falls more interesting is the volume of water. In fact, it made us to wonder how the site could have looked like during the age of ice floods.
– We realized that the park has undergone several renovations since our last visit. New additions include several signs that explain the geologic past of the site and formation process of the waterfalls.

2. Rapids above the falls
– Above the falls, there are a number of rapids.
– The viewpoint of these rapids was very easy for us to get to. From the parking, there follow well maintained gravel road until it turns left. There then we followed one out of several footpaths towards the cliff side.
– From there we were very careful. There was an exposure of about 24 metres (80 fits) straight down.
– One can hike to same level just as rapids by following the gravel path to where train tracks were. We then took our way into canyon.
– We again followed this route further until we made to the falls brink.
Palouse Canyon3. Upper viewpoint.
– This view was one of the best we had the privilege of having seen in the fall. Looking down, we truly appreciated that grandeur of the falls.
– There was unusual angle that the views took on and was very deceiving. The pool beneath was looking closer enough to touch from the upper viewpoint even though it was far from.
– The only drawback we realized was that if we were afraid of heights then it was going to be a deal breaker. Actually, I would not suggest this point if it wet, windy or icy.

Among other things we enjoyed doing in the falls were;
1. Fryxell overlook which contained artifacts and tools older than any other human.
2. River canyon and its history.
3. Reading through the facts of the water fall.
4. The frozen pool.
5. The facts about the falls during the summer season.

Generally we were in full agreement with my dear ones that traveling to Palouse Falls, Washington was one of the best choices. We also enjoyed the luxurious hotels found in Washington that made us feel like staying there forever. Only to remember that east or west home is best.
I would highly recommend any friend who wants to travel during any season to visit this site for more testimonials that we might have never seen.

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