Why You Really Shouldn’t Take Illegal Drugs while Traveling

Taking illegal drugs is usually a bad idea. There are so many variables that get involved when a person traveling uses illegal drugs, even many recreational drug users are not foolish enough to go traveling with their illegal substances. If someone does bring their drugs along, they usually end up getting professionally photographed at a police station. Sometimes that will earn them a life sentence, and lead to a daring, drug-free prison break years later — however, few of these are actually successful. If you’re going traveling soon, and were planning to make illegal drugs part of your vacation, here are a few reasons you may want to reconsider.

Local Laws Harsher Than Expected

Even traveling within the same country, while not severely increasing one’s expectation of danger, can lead to serious problems and consequences with the local law enforcement. A great example of this is Colorado. While the legal marijuana industry has brought an influx of “pot tourists” to the state, getting out of Colorado is a whole other ordeal: marijuana arrests have gone up astronomically, and neighboring states have sued Colorado over its legalization of the drug. What does this mean to you? It means that even if you’re sure you’re fine with carrying your stash, the local police may disagree.

Potential for Laced or Mixed Substances

According to OK Bail Bonds (click here), because people traveling often don’t bring their drugs along (due to increased risk at travel checkpoints) they usually buy them locally. However, there’s no guarantee of the quality or type of drug they’ll get. Even worse, in some areas drugs can be laced with other drugs leading to unintended side effects. Laced drugs are extremely dangerous and their effects are often not known until the user takes them — and by then it’s too late.

Impairment Makes Travel More Difficult

People who take drugs before entering a travel checkpoint such as an airport usually regret it immediately thereafter. The number of law enforcement officers and drug detectors that are present often surprises travelers. The reason for this is because drug carriers and mules have to travel too, and try to concoct new and interesting ways to evade detection. In short, such authorities are very interested in the presence of drugs on travelers. It’s simply a bad idea.

Drugs Law TravelIncreased Risks While Away from Home

According to OK Bail Bonds (www.okbailbonds.net), another consideration is that among strangers, your innocent desire for drugs can be manipulated for a variety of things. Oftentimes drugs are a pretext used in robbery and rape schemes — usually for buyers, but even for dealers. The traveling druggie is the perfect rube for such a setting. When traveling, it is often good idea to just avoid drugs altogether when taking care of your travel needs.

A Bad Idea in General, Not a Good Traveling Companion

In general, no matter what the drug, there are a lot of reasons that illegal drugs are a bad idea in the first place. Getting high is simply not a smart thing to do, but doing it while traveling is silly. The risk in getting the drugs, using the drugs and the possible repercussions if you are getting caught simply make it a terrible idea overall. Even if you are a habitual user, there’s never a good reason to ruin a perfectly good vacation.